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If you have questions concerning the application process for medicine and dentistry as a German / EU-citizen, please see!

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Germans, EU citizens, and international prospective students with a German Abitur must apply for the Aachen model course of study in medicine and dentistry through the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (hochschulSTART, 44128 Dortmund). The hochschulSTART-Info - an information booklet with the application documents - is located in schools, in the RWTH Aachen Student Advice Centre, and in the Employent Agencies' career information centers. Prospective students, who are not one of the groups listed above, must apply through the RWTH Aachen International Office.

Prospective students, who acquired their Abitur in the current year, have till July 15 to register fro the next winter semester. May 31 ist the deadline for former school graduates. The "Modellstudiengang Medizin" (Model degree program of medicine) can only be started in the winter semester, that is the middle of October. Applications through hochschulSTART apply to all universities in Germany, at which one can study medicine or dentistry. You can listed a maximum of six desired universities. Individuals interested in Aachen should listed RWTH Aachen in their top three preferences. If there are more applicants for a location than there are spots available, hochschulSTART will decide which applicants are admitted based on a catalogue of criteria.


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