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Current Date

The next call for submissions ends on January†15, 2020.

The START Program

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In the context of the Research Innovation Program in the mid-90s, the NRW Ministry of Science and Research recommended a structural measure, which established itself as the START Program in our faculty.

The program funds interdisciplinary and above all, patient research. Innovative, interdisciplinary individual projects from junior scientists are funded.

The funding measure aims at the acquisition of external funding for the purpose of start-up financing.

Proposal are reviewed internally as long as the requested amount is less than 50000 euros a year. Otherwise, all proposals are reviewed by external scientists.

The AG START (de, PDF-Download)

START Program Information Event

The next round we will offer another information event on the START program. The date will be announced here.

START: Forms and Documents

You can find all the necessary documents for your application and useful information on the START program below.
Some documents are being revised at the moment, they will soon be available.

Documents for Your Application

Funding Application for an Individual Project (de)

Formal Tips (de)

Useful Information

Publications Fact Sheet (de)

Guidelines on the START program (de)

Statute (de)

Salary Table (de)

Internal Order Form (de)


Funded Projects From the Second Round in 2017 (de)

Questionnaire (de)