NAFEMS World Congress 2019

June 17 to 20, 2019

This is the only major international event dedicated to your community and your technology. Every aspect of analysis, modelling and simulation will be addressed, covering numerous industries globally. There’s nothing quite like it.

Engineering analysis, modelling and simulation are dynamic and ever-evolving fields. Gone are the days when everything could be categorised as either FEA or CFD. The rate of progress in software, hardware, techniques and best practice continues at a blistering pace, while the community driving that change also continues to grow and develop to incorporate every part of the product development process.

NAFEMS remains proud to be the only independent, international body dedicated to serving the community, and we want you to play an active role in driving progress and shaping the future of the sector.

As well as hosting the 4th international SPDM conference the Congress will also be hosting Technical Symposia on

  • Manufacturing Process Simulation & Additive Manufacturing
  • Systems Modelling & Simulation
  • Digital trends and what they mean for the engineering simulation community
  • VMAP - Interface Standard for Integrated Virtual Material Modelling in Manufacturing Industry

As part of the focus on digital trends, we will be looking at new 'digital' areas from the cutting edge of technology. AI, Digital Twins, VR & AR and Industry 5.0 are just some of the pertinent topics that the Congress will cover.