Within the scope of the QVM measure "AixViPMaP as a learning platform", the AixViPMaP platform was expanded in such a way that it can be made available to students as an experiment box and a practical tool for the lecture-accompanying practice.

The AixViPMaP platform enables students to easily manage simulation tasks for common simulation tools such as ABAQUS, MICRESS, Thermo-Calc, DICTRA or DAMASK via a unified, intuitive, web-based user interface. Students can send simulation jobs to the cross-institute ICME simulation network and monitor the progress of their simulations in the web browser. All simulation results are made available to students through a central web interface regardless of which partner institute produced them. Students can view, edit, download and share simulation results with other students, use simulation results as input parameters for subsequent simulations, and much more.

Access data will be handed out or made available on request in the participating ICME courses. Interested students or lecturers feel free to contact the initiators of the measure or .